Thursday, July 28, 2011

Officially Official!

Well it is now official! I have a job and will be teaching 2nd grade this coming year! I am actually pretty excited about it. There will be lots of changes, and lots of things that are different about this job, but I am thrilled nonetheless! I am hoping to get into my classroom sometime next week (if possible!). I would love to get all those boxes out of my garage. Plus I will just feel much better if I can begin to wrap my brain around the space I have!

The school I will be teaching at is an IB PYP school. I am really excited to learn more about this type of school! So my new vision for this blog is to gear it towards Daily 5/ Cafe and IB. Of course I will still share pictures and ideas from my classroom. My new school also supposedly has a lot of technology. So I am excited about incorporating that whenever I can! Stay tuned for more updates!


Mrs. Reimann said...

Congratulations! :)


Busy Bees said...

Just found your blog and became your newest follower!! Yee-haw, congratulations on your new job!!

applesandabcs said...

Congrats on your new job!!!

Apples and ABC's