Thursday, June 14, 2012

D5 Chapter 1

I am so excited about participating in a Kindergarten Daily 5 book study! I love Daily 5!!

While I have done Daily 5 in kindergarten for 3 years, and kindergarten is where I first started Daily 5, it has been several years since I have taught K. This year I will be moving back to kindergarten after teaching 1st and 2nd for the past few years and I am so excited. This study will be a great refresher! I will actually be teaching part time kindergarten. Instead of the traditional half day K, my school does part time. So I will be teaching 2 full days and a half day. I have only ever taught full day, so I'm not 100% sure how half time will be, but I am so super excited about the opportunity because it will allow me to stay home part time with my new baby girl!

  • How do I teach new behaviors and expectations?

     We all know how important teaching new behaviors is, especially in kindergarten! While kids in other grades typically come to us knowing at least a few basic school behaviors, my kindergartners often have little to no prior school experience, and at a minimum are new to our school. Therefore I really limit my expectations and start from scratch. Even something as basic as lining up to go somewhere can be a production! I like to think that I've always been pretty good at the whole model, practice, repeat thing and I feel I'm pretty explicit when teaching new routines. The Daily 5 has definitely changed how I introduce any new behavior though! 

  • How do I monitor student behavior?

     The main tangible element of my classroom management is a Clip Chart. I have used it for a couple years now and just love it! In addition to this, instead of coming up with a set of class rules at the beginning of the year, we make a list of promises to each other. I read a story about someone who made a promise and then didn't keep it. I usually read one of these books:

Then we have a discussion about how it feels when someone makes a promise and then doesn't keep it. We then make a list of promises... for example instead of making a rule that says 'Do not hit', we will write 'We promise to be kind.'

  • What do I do when a student is not exhibiting a desired behavior? 
     The beauty of the clip chart and promises, is that it really gives the kids ownership over their own behaviors. With the clip chart they can really see how the actions they choose impact where their clip is on the chart. The promises are also powerful, because we discuss how we are making promises to each other and to ourselves. The kids will even get upset when someone breaks a promise!

  • Whose classroom is it?
     I really do try to instill in the kids that this is "our" classroom. However, I do have to have some control over the space. I have to teach the kids where things are kept, and try to instill in them pride in ownership for the different spaces so that they will keep things organized because they want them that way, not simply because the teacher says to. I remember reading somewhere that whoever has the stapler and tape dispenser, has the control! I now have several staplers and a tape dispenser that the kids have free access to!

  • Locus of control?
     I do discuss this with my students quite a bit. I really have gotten away from giving prizes, stickers, treats etc. I really strive to give intrinsic awards, and think in the younger grades that is a little easier to do. Little kids (for the most part) are thrilled just to please their teacher, and are devastated to disappoint them and I try to play into that as much as possible and help them learn that they are in control of themselves and no one else!

  • Where are supplies stored?
     I feel that my classroom is very organized. One of those 'a place for everything...' spaces. I spend a lot of time organizing materials so that my students have access to what they need. They know where things are kept, and the expectations for using those things. This frees me up from getting out supplies, sharpening pencils, getting more paper, etc. If I can give control of something to the students, then by all means I'm there!


Tanya Solano said...

Hi Lindsay! I am new to Daily 5 and hope to gain a lot of knowledge and ideas from this book study! I have been teaching K for 11 years and previously Pre-k for 2. I have always used the traditional red-yello-green clip management and am interested in the chart that you use. Can you explain the portion "Teacher's Choice" to me? The others are pretty self explanatory.
Thanks for sharing you D5 inside, I'll be back each week to see what's next.
Ms. Solano's Kindergarten
PS-I'm your newest follower : )

Lindsay said...

Hi Tanya!
You will just LOVE the Daily 5! It completely changed my teaching, and I can't imagine going back now! :-)

On the clip chart, the 'Teacher's Choice' part is pretty much just that... whatever I choose! :-) I tend to make it relate to the behavior, for example missing out on a fun activity, a few minutes off recess, writing an apology note, etc. It basically gives me the freedom to make the 'punishment fit the crime' so to speak!

amaclin said...

I teach Pre-K half days. I have 10 kids from 8-11 an another 10 from 12-3 each day. It's looking like the D5 is going to take up most of my day. I plan to start with 10 minute groups and work my way up to 20.