Monday, August 12, 2013

Blogger Exchange!

I was so super excited to participate in this Blogger Exchange hosted by Covered in Glitter and Glue! I mean who doesn't love getting fun mail!

My buddy was Tamra from First Grade Buddies! Here are a few pictures of what she sent:

I got a lovely note, a pack of Post-Its, some super cute binder clips, a Starbucks gift card (yay!) and a really neat little notebook. 

I love this thing! At first I thought it was just a pretty little notebook, but then I opened it up and it has 3 sections: To Buy, Remember, and To Do. You can write on each section and then pull it off! I will totally be using this as I am SUCH a list maker. I'm constantly writing myself sitcky notes! Now I can be even more organized in my list making!

Thank you Tamra!

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