Sunday, June 12, 2011

End of the Year Gifts!

A few weeks ago I saw a fabulous idea on the Sister's website about making Wordle gifts as end of the year presents for your kids. I LOVED this idea and immediately decided I was going to do it! We had been talking about Character Traits and so I decided to have the kids write character traits about each other. I printed a sheet of paper with each student's name at the top and 19 lines underneath. We then spread them out and spent time walking around to each paper and writing a positive character trait on the lines. I didn't tell the kids what this was ultimately for, just that we were practicing character traits and building each other up (in our social skills curriculum). 
I then took each sheet and typed the words into Wordle and created a PDF of each one which I sent to the drug store to be printed. I purchased inexpensive frames from Ikea and framed each one. I stayed late Thursday afternoon to assemble each one and display it on their tables. Here is how they turned out!

I am definitely going to do this again in the future!


Alyssa said...

Great idea Lindsay! I will definitely be following your blog! Good luck!

Dianne said...

that is soooo awesome! :)