Monday, July 15, 2013

My First Monday Made It!

Um... is it seriously the middle of July already!?? I can not believe how quickly the summer is going! Anyway, I've made a resolution to get better about my blogs (all 3 of them!). They've been neglected for the past year or two, mostly because I had other things to worry about (namely my cutie little 15 month old!). So I decided to join my first linky! SO excited!

My first Monday Made It is nothing new... but I thought I'd start simple!

I made the crate seats for my classroom almost 3 years ago. I have loved them every year since! I bought the crates from Wal-Mart and they have held up really well. Originally, I had used a fun alphabet fabric, and while I still like the fabric, I'm really looking to tone down my classroom colors this year.

So I found some awesome chevron fabric at Hobby Lobby and re-covered them! I really like how they came out.

I still have 2 crates at school, and I am not sure I'm ready to actually step foot in there yet! Those will have to wait at least a few more weeks!

I'm in love with some of the other fabric Hobby Lobby had! I have some pillows in my reading area that I'm thinking of making new covers for! Maybe I'll link up again next week!


Krista Carlson said...

I made these crates for my classroom last year as well and I loved them! They look cute!

The Second Grade Superkids

Mary Wingert said...

Crate seats have been on my to-do list forever! Yours turned out great. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please see my blog for more information.